My Dirty Little Secret


So I have a confession to make. This is really hard for me to admit but I hope by sharing my story it will help someone else who struggles with this. I can’t believe I’m sharing this in such a public way. It’s really embarrassing and shameful to me but here goes my dirty little secret. I HATE WATER! I know hate is a strong word, but it’s the truth. I’ve never liked the stuff. Water is colorless, odorless, tasteless and funless. It’s boring. Whoever goes to a party and bring a bottle of water?  If you did you would be shunned and even thrown out of the party. Water doesn’t even have its own shape (as most liquids don’t) but I just never liked water. 

I spent many years avoiding water. Except when it came to bathing, brushing my teeth, washing my hair, washing clothes and dishes well you know what I mean. I didn’t drink it. I preferred soda, juice, or tea in that order. Even as a nurse I advised patients to drink more water with a grimace on my face. I often had to admit that I didn’t drink water but they should. I was such a hypocrite! Unfortunately my children picked up on my bad habits. After all they were kids and they are going to drink and eat what I provided for them. My youngest daughter came to me when she was eight years old and said, “I’m going to cut back on sugary drinks and drink more water. Will you help me?”  I agreed to help her but I had no clue what to do. I hated water. I began to research ways to increase water intake and everything I found just said drink more water. I needed a way to dress up the water. So we started by adding Crystal Light to bottled water. It took a while to adjust to the taste because it’s not as much sugar as we were used to, but we were drinking water. Then after a year I got the idea  to add less crystal light.  Over time we were drinking water without flavoring but I still didn’t drink it often. I had my soda. A friend of mine came across this water drinking challenge and she asked me to do it with her. It was seven days of nothing but water and at least 64 ounces in a day. It was hard but I did it and you know what, I felt pretty good. I discovered that water has a lot of great qualities. 

  1. It quenches your thirst. Nothing feels better than cold water cooling your insides on a hot summer day. It also helps cool down heartburn 
  2. It hydrates you. It keeps your organs lubricated and makes your skin supple. 
  3. It helps in digestion and elimination. It breaks down nutrients for uptake in your cells and try having a bowel movement when you are dry. Not fun 
  4. Drinking more water increases weight loss. It does this by flushing fats and toxins out of your system. It also curbs your hunger
  5. It energizes you. It’s also refreshing 
  6. It’s just good for you 

So who knew water had so many great qualities and these are just a few. I still don’t love it but we at least have a mutual respect. I will drink water as long as it keeps doing good things for my body. I now drink half my body weight in ounces of water. I drink more if I’m going to be doing strenuous work or outside in the heat. I drink water almost exclusively. I might occasionally have all natural no added sugar fruit/vegetable juice or herbal tea, but no more sodas EVER!!! I have learned to discipline myself to do the things that are good for me even if it’s not enjoyable. But there are some ways to dress up water and make it fancy. Go to my Facebook page Stellar Healthy living and you will find recipes for detox water and an article on the benefits of water. I feel so free now that my secret is out. 


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